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Monday, 13 November 2023 14:00 14:45 (CET)

Ganbei! A closer look at the wine consumption patterns among women in Asia

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Do Asian Women move the needle? All eyes have laid on the lucrative market in the East, but how many have grasped the peculiar consumption behavior of that 48% of the population? From teetotalers to tag-alongs and ladies’ night partygoers, women in Asia have been given all sorts of labels when it comes to their drinking patterns. Times have changed, but the social categorization of Asian female drinkers has not caught up.

The extent of lost opportunities as a result of stereotyping is hard to calculate. Since the turn of the millennium, we have seen tremendous advancement in women’s education level. Along with the rise in their disposable income emerge the desire to improve their quality of life. Fine dining and wine appreciation have become the norm for many female professionals. Not only are they now sole decision-makers for wine purchase and consumption, but often times women have different preferences compared to men’s.

With regard to Asian women’s spending power and distinctive taste, many industries have already taken a head start and established female-focused marketing strategies. Yet when it comes to wine and its related products, the outlook on the Asian female market has been relatively conservative. Clearly, the pie is big enough to share, but how can wine businesses approach this sector and not miss the boat? This session uncovers the lesser-known facts about women in Asia, pinpoints the boundless potential of this untapped market, highlights their preferences in wine, and identifies channels to successfully reach out to this unique demographic

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Speaker - Alice Wong DipWSET, IWA
Alice Wong DipWSET, IWA
From New York to Hong Kong, from healthcare to the wine industry, Alice has crossed multiple fields and earned a wide perspective in hospitality and business. After obtaining her Master’s Degree in Business Administration in New York, Alice relocated to Hong Kong in 2013, gradually establishing her career in wine, and eventually started her company Vinetude Asia in 2017. Her involvement in the wine industry is multifold, including wine education, consultation, communication, event management, and judging. To fulfill her passion for Italian wines, she undertook the prestigious Vinitaly International Academy Italian Wine Ambassador Program and was among the first batch of graduates of the enhanced version in 2018. Currently, Alice is Deputy Master of the Cavalieri del Tartufo e dei Vini di Alba – Hong Kong Delegation, Chair of the Food & Beverage Committee of The American Club Hong Kong, as well as serving on its Board of Governors. To honor her contribution in promoting Italian wines, Alice was proclaimed the winner of the 2020 Hong Kong Living Influencer Award.
Speaker - Mod. Xiaowen DU DipWSET, IWA
Mod. Xiaowen DU DipWSET, IWA
Xiaowen DU started her journey in the world of wine in 2011 and has never looked back. Graduating with a ranking of 3/122 from the first College of Enology in Asia, she was awarded an Erasmus + scholarship and continued her studies of Vinifera EuroMaster in France and Italy. Over the years, she has honed her winemaking skills in Bordeaux and California. She currently works for Avignonesi as Marketing Manager & Assistant Winemaker in Tuscany. Earlier this year, she joined Mercuri Wine Club as a Wine Educator in Rome and Florence. Previously, she was a proud team member of Vinitaly International for nearly four years. Always enthusiastic to pursue the next level of wine education, she just became a Master of Wine student this September. She has been a WSET Diploma holder since 2022 and a Vinitaly International Academy certified Italian Wine Ambassador since 2021.


Sala WineAround - Palaexpo Piano -1
Sala WineAround - Palaexpo Piano -1