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WINE2WINE • Sala Salieri - Palaexpo Piano -1

Tuesday, 8 November 2022 11:15 12:00 (CET)

I'm a tiny boat in a sea of content: how to stand out

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How to confront the vast ocean of social media, will be addressed by the experts participating in this panel. There are millions of posts that flood social platforms every day, in the attempt to convey a message, promote a product, or empower a brand. Selected from among the most significant wine influencers currently in the market, these speakers will bring their experience in the field of social communication to highlight the most successful strategies for creating interesting and effective content for the target audience and capturing the most users’ attention and interaction.

Event languages: Italiano, English

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Speaker - Francesca Nonino
Francesca Nonino

Francesca Nonino, 6th generation of the Nonino family, is Head of Web Communication and responsible for the Russian and American markets at Nonino Distillatori. She is also a TEDx Speaker. After a Master’s degree in economics and business management, with a semester at the Yonsei University in Seoul and an internship at Illy Caffè, she joined the family company as a Brand Ambassador. She took two training masters, the bartender certified course, the AIS Sommelier course and the WSET level 3 course. In February 2021 she was contacted by the LinkedIn team to officially become a LinkedIn Influencer. In August 2021 she was officially recognized as “the Grappa influencer” for her merit in innovating the way the company communicates Italy’s most ancient distillate online. Her next goal is to learn the art of craft distillation from her mother and grandfather and become a Master Distiller.

Speaker - Alojz Felix Jermann
Alojz Felix Jermann

After a first job in the wine industry, an experience as chef de rang in fine dining restaurants across Australia, the role of Fine Wine Manager & Brand Ambassador in America for Jermann and Lux Fine Wines (Jermann importer for the United States), and a path as ambassador of the Friuli region in key international markets for Italian wine, Felix decided to gather what he learned and created a personal style of wine communication. For the past year, he has been developing communication projects in the wine industry to convey the true identity of the labels he works with. Authenticity and truthfulness are the basis of his storytelling offering winery stories, always in line with market trends. The goal is to help companies communicate unique sensations, while also increasing their digital brand awareness and corporate turnover.

Speaker - Nicolò Zambello
Nicolò Zambello

Born in 1987, Nicolò Zambello, CEO & Co-Founder of Chef in Camicia, after graduating in Economics leaves for Australia and starts working in haute cuisine. He then returns to Italy, throwing himself into the world of start-ups. From the world of wine he switches to catering and then breaks through with Chef in Camicia, the first Italian food media vertical company, founded in 2015 together with his two childhood friends, Andrea Navone and Luca Palomba. In 2020, the most ambitious challenge ever: Acadèmia, the first international e-learning platform for food & beverage featuring the most renowned Chefs in the industry. Throughout his journey there is always a fil rouge: passion for food.

Speaker - Stefano Quaglierini
Stefano Quaglierini

Stefano Quaglierini – @italian_wines on Instagram – was born in 1995 and founded his own channel in 2016, while studying oenology at the University of Pisa. After graduating, in 2018, he embarked on a communications path doing social media marketing consulting for wineries throughout Italy and also working as a wine influencer. In the same year, @italian_wines was listed by Vinitaly International as one of the most important social channels for wine in Italy and, for this reason, included in the book “#nofilter.” To date, the channel counts over 112,000 followers on Instagram, with about half of them in Italy and the others divided in other parts of the world such as the United States. The ethos of the channel is to explain the world of wine in a simple way and to make it accessible to everyone. Stefano explains the technical aspects of winemaking, tells about the various wine areas of Italy during his travels, and interacts with wine enthusiasts from all over Italy. In 2020, Stefano published his first book “Italian Wines: the Fundamentals for Understanding Wine”, published by Trenta Editore. He is also a lecturer at the 24ore Business School’s Master in Enotourism, and conducts seminars on wine communication for the Universities of Pisa and Salento. In 2021 he and Emanuele Trono opened Wine Evolution Srl, a company that provides training services including the Digital Wine Master.

Speaker - Francesca Piemontese
Francesca Piemontese

Sommelier and wine-influencer on Instagram and TikTok, Francesca Piemontese was born and raised in Verona, but has lived and worked on the French Riviera, in Cannes, for about eight years. Her passion for wine was actually born in Cannes, when the owner of the restaurant she worked for suggested she move to his wine shop.

At the time, Francesca knew absolutely nothing about wine, but working alongside the Maître Sommelier, day after day, she realized how complex and wonderful this world is. So she began taking private courses and later graduated from a Sommelier school in Antibes. A few years later, the pandemic broke out: Francesca decided to roll up her sleeves and build a Wine Influencer persona for herself based not on pretty pictures, but on educational and entertaining short videos. When one of her videos goes viral and surpasses three million views, she realizes that being a wine influencer had to be her second job from then on.

Today, Francesca’s life is divided between the role of Sommelier at a 5-star hotel on the Promenade de la Croisette and that of social media manager. When she is not with clients, iPads, statistics, and trends constantly keep her company.


Sala Salieri - Palaexpo Piano -1
Sala Salieri - Palaexpo Piano -1