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WINE2WINE • Sala ITA - Italian Trade Agency - Palaexpo Floor -1

Monday, 7 November 2022 11:15 12:00 (CET)

Readers don't care about sustainability

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This talk will explore the topics and trends surrounding wine and beverage that American readers are most interested in right now. The session will concentrate on three main points.

1. Readers are looking for stories that connect them more closely to the beverages they enjoy.
2. Current trends include a focus on stories about underrepresented communities and wines they may be unfamiliar with.
3. Do not assume the only thing readers want to know about though are obscure regions and wines. There is still great interest in the well known wines and wine regions of the world.



Event languages: Italiano, English

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Speaker - Joanna Sciarrino
Joanna Sciarrino

Joanna Sciarrino is the editor in chief of VinePair and one of the co-hosts of the VinePair Podcast. Prior to joining the team, Joanna worked at Food52 where she held the position of Executive Editor for three years, before that she held the position of Managing Editor at Lucky Peach, founded by David Chang and began her career as an Assistant Editor at Bon Appétit. She holds a BA in East Asian Studies from NYU.


Sala ITA - Italian Trade Agency - Palaexpo Floor -1
Sala ITA - Italian Trade Agency - Palaexpo Floor -1