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Tuesday, 8 November 2022 12:15 13:30 (CET)

Should we care about Wine NFTs?

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In this panel discussion we will explore NFTs and their implication on wine. We will emphasize three specific points.

1. All NFTs are not equal, if the NFT is simply replacing something that already exists, don’t do it.
2. Beware chasing trends. If you think releasing an NFT will result in press, don’t assume that press will be positive.
3. Do your homework. Don’t even think about releasing an NFT before you fully understand the space.



Event languages: Italiano, English

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Speaker - Dave Infante
Dave Infante

Dave Infante is an award-winning journalist with over a decade of experience reporting on the business, culture, and politics of beverage alcohol. He contributes to VinePair as a writer-at-large covering the beer industry, and publishes an independent newsletter, Fingers, about drinking in America. His work has previously appeared in The New York Times, HuffPost, The Guardian, PUNCH, and other outlets.

Speaker - Josh Malin
Josh Malin

Josh is the President and Co-Founder of VinePair. Josh loves putting things together — websites, words, Legos, and cases of wine. Prior to VinePair, Josh spent a few years helping to build Ez Texting, an NYC startup, into the leading provider of text messaging services to small businesses. Ez Texting was acquired in late 2012, by CallFire. Josh also co-founded MobileSmarts, one of the earliest (as in monophonic ringtones) and largest distributors of ringtones in North America.

Speaker - Adam Teeter
Adam Teeter

Adam Teeter is the cofounder and CEO of VinePair, the most read drinks publication in America. Adam founded the publication in 2014 with Josh Malin and since then has become a recognized authority on industry trends and how drinks brands can effectively grow their market through content, reaching current consumers as well as the growing next generation of drinkers. He has spoken on this topic across the globe including at BCB, Tales of the Cocktail, Vinexpo, Vinitaly and others. Adam continues to write for the publication and is also the cohost of The VinePair podcast. Adam holds an MBA from NYU Stern with a specialty in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and a BA in Journalism from Emory University.

Speaker - Joanna Sciarrino
Joanna Sciarrino

Joanna Sciarrino is the editor in chief of VinePair and one of the co-hosts of the VinePair Podcast. Prior to joining the team, Joanna worked at Food52 where she held the position of Executive Editor for three years, before that she held the position of Managing Editor at Lucky Peach, founded by David Chang and began her career as an Assistant Editor at Bon Appétit. She holds a BA in East Asian Studies from NYU.


Sala Salieri - Palaexpo Piano -1
Sala Salieri - Palaexpo Piano -1


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