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Sunday, 17 October 2021 15:00 16:00 (CEST)



Excellent wines with strong identity cultivated throughout the Campania Region – in  the Aversano area, in the Amalfi Coast, in Irpinia and in the Vesuvio area


The Companies

TENUTA FONTANA – The Fontana family has been cultivating vines in the countryside of Aversa since the end of 1800. This area is a selected one for valuable vineyards: first of all ASPRINIO, the excellent white grape; a natural heritage that the Fontana family has tenaciously recovered, protected and enhanced.

The wine chosen for the tasting is : Civico 44 Asprinio di Aversa

 LA GUARDIENSE – Founded in 1960, it is one of the biggest farmers’ cooperative in Italy cultivating on a hillside area (350 m of altitude) in Sannio near Benevento. Great emphases on sustainable production using innovative energy sources. There are 5 production lines: Janare, Aicon, Fremondo, Classic and Sparkling. Two of the main grape varieties are Falanghina ed Aglianico.

The wine chosen for the tasting is: Senete Falanghina del Sannio

TERREDORA DI PAOLO – Since 1978 Terredora has been a key player in Campania’s viticultural renaissance. The estate is located in Irpinia, a hilly area, not far from the Gulf of Naples where wine has been produced since the Greeks and Romans era. By combining experience and tradition, Terradora has introduced in its own historic, indigenous vineyards, innovation and technical knowledge. Their commitment is to fill the glass with the taste of this fascinating and generous land, thanks to the benefits of volcanoes and the sun.

The wine chosen for the tasting is: Campore Fiano di Avellino

CANTINE MARISA CUOMO -  Among vines and rocks rising vertically over the sea of Furore in the Amalfi Coast, we find Cantine Marisa Cuomo founded in 1980. The selection of noble grapes, the search for the right degree of freshness and humidity, combined with the tradition and the advanced technology give life to wines of the finest quality, appreciated  all over the world.

The wine chosen for the tasting is : Fiorduva Costa d’Amalfi bianco

TENUTA CAVALIER PEPE – The Pepe Family is an ancient one in Irpinia, which has been dedicated to the production of wines for generations, marketed throughout Italy and internationally. Thanks to the characteristics of its terroir, such as climate and soil, Irpinia has long been known as a land of viticulture. In addition to boasting three of the southern Italy’s most prestigious DOCG wines - Taurasi, Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo -, Irpinia has many notable DOC wines, including Coda di Volpe and Falanghina.

The wine chosen for the tasting is: La Loggia del Cavaliere – Taurasi riserva DOCG

AZIENDA AGRICOLA CASA SETARO – The company is located in Trecase, in the province of Naples, in the Vesuvius National Park. Since 1995 it has been a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is a story that has always been linked to the set of three elements: the volcanic soil, the climate mitigated by the sea of the Gulf of Naples, and the meticulous experience of a family.

The wine chosen for the tasting is: Don Vincenzo – Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio DOC Riserva

Event languages: English

How to participate: Public Free Event


Speaker - Tommaso Luongo -
Tommaso Luongo -

Sommelier Master Class in Sensory Analysis, teacher and official taster AIS, Delegate Italian Sommelier Association Naples Section, Campania Reference Vitae Guide, International Judge for the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

Speaker - Franco De Luca
Franco De Luca

Official AIS taster since May 2004, speaker qualified to teach the lesson "Enografia europea" at the national AIS training courses since November 2019 and since 2018 teacher of "Enografia Mondiale" at the Department of Agriculture of the University of Naples Federico II

Speaker - Nicola Caputo, Assessore all’Agricoltura
Nicola Caputo, Assessore all’Agricoltura
Speaker - Luciano D’Aponte, Regione Campania Assessorato all’Agricoltura
Luciano D’Aponte, Regione Campania Assessorato all’Agricoltura

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