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Vinitaly • Respighi - Palaexpo Floor +1

Monday, 3 April 2023 10:00 13:00 (CEST)

The climate changing: New challenges for our viticulture


Climate change is now part of our daily lives and all sectors are involved without exception. Unfortunately, Agriculture, a primary and indispensable sector as a food producer, suffers the greatest damage. Extreme weather events such as tornadoes, frost, drought and hail scourge agricultural production, decrease quantities and more and more businesses, if not properly protected risk seeing their existence compromised. In this context, the conference is inserted, where the speakers in addition to illustrating the current situation present possible solutions to protect and support farms using correctly the aid offered by risk management.

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Speaker - Prof. Paolo Tarolli
Prof. Paolo Tarolli

Docente Università di Padova

Speaker - Dr. Albano Agabiti
Dr. Albano Agabiti

Presidente ASNACODI Italia

Speaker - Dr. Giovanni Razeto
Dr. Giovanni Razeto

Dirigente Agri-Cat srl

Speaker - Dr. Giuseppe Boatto
Dr. Giuseppe Boatto

Agrifondo Mutualistico Veneto-Friuli

Speaker - Aldo Lorenzoni
Aldo Lorenzoni


Speaker - Luigino Bertolazzi
Luigino Bertolazzi



Respighi - Palaexpo Floor +1
Respighi - Palaexpo Floor +1