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Vinitaly • Wine2digital - Palaexpo, entrance A2 (level +1)

Monday, 11 April 2022 09:15 10:00 (CEST)

The Designations of Origin of Italian wine, protecting the producer and consumer


What are the criteria behind the tiered system of designations of origin in Italy? What are the rules that govern production specifications? How are the vines, zones and production methods defined? What procedures underlie changes and updates to the regulations to keep up with the market? But most importantly, how do the specifications protect producers and consumers? Prof. Attilio Scienza, President of the National Committee of PDO and PGI wines, will help us untangle the complex mechanisms that regulate designations of origin in Italy.


Attilio Scienza is a full professor at the University of Milan where he teaches courses on genetic improvements to the vine in the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences; he also teaches Viticulture in the Master’s program of the University of Turin in Asti. He has been the lead for many national research projects in the field of physiology, agricultural techniques, and vine genetics.

He is the author of over 350 publications on vine and viticulture in national and international journals, conference proceedings, text books, and monograph. 

Throughout his long career, he has been awarded numerous awards for his research and writing, including the AEI Prize for scientific research in 1991, the international Premio Morsiani in 2006, and the OIV Prize in viticulture for the best scientific book on vine topics and viticulture in 2003, 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2012. Since June 2018, Scienza collaborates with Vinitaly International as the Chief Scientist of the Vinitaly International Academy

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Speaker - Prof. Attilio Scienza
Prof. Attilio Scienza


Wine2digital - Palaexpo, entrance A2 (level +1)
Wine2digital - Palaexpo, entrance A2 (level +1)