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Vinitaly • Puccini - Centroservizi Hall 6-7 Floor +1

Monday, 3 April 2023 10:30 12:30 (CEST)

The wineries consult the modern distribution: How to face the turbulence of the markets?


On Monday, April 3rd, 2023, at 10:30, will be held the traditional round table of Vinitaly on wine and Modern Distribution organized by Veronafiere, now in its 19th edition (Puccini Room, Conference Centre Arena, between halls 6 and 7, on the first floor).

The formula of the event has been renewed: the representatives of the wineries (Federvini and Unione Italiana Vini) will ask questions to the distribution signs present.


We will start, as always, from the presentation of the research institute Circana (formerly IRI) on the trend of the Italian wine market in Modern Distribution in the year 2022 and in the first two months of 2023. The problems triggered by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, suggest the search for a significant synergy between producers and distributors.

The research "Circana (formerly IRI) for Vinitaly" will illustrate the detailed statistics by volume and prices of wine and bubbles in each distribution channel. And then: the trend of promotions, MDD wines at the distributor’s label, organic wines, a focus on sales in the international Modern Distribution, the rankings of the best-selling and emerging wines in Italy, nationally and regionally, and more.



On the podium:

  • Virgilio Romano, Business Insight Director of Circana (formerly IRI)
  • Marco Fanini, moderator
  • Federvini: Mirko Baggio (Sales Manager of Villa Sandi)
  • UIV, Luca Devigili (Business Development Manager of Castello Banfi)
  • Carrefour, Lorenzo Cafissi, Alcoholic Beverage Manager
  • Conad, Simone Pambianco, National Category Manager
  • Coop Italia, Francesco Scarcelli, Head of Beverage Department
  • Selex Group, Flavio Bellotti, Wine category manager
  • MD, Marco Usai, Wine Specialist



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Speaker - Marco Fanini
Marco Fanini


Speaker - Virgilio Romano
Virgilio Romano

Business Insight Director di Circana (già IRI)

Speaker - Mirko Baggio (Federvini)
Mirko Baggio (Federvini)

Responsabile Vendite Gdo di Villa Sandi

Speaker - Luca Devigili (UIV)
Luca Devigili (UIV)

Business Development Manager di Banfi S.r.l.

Speaker - Lorenzo Cafissi (Carrefour)
Lorenzo Cafissi (Carrefour)

Responsabile Beverage Alcolico

Speaker - Simone Pambianco (Conad)
Simone Pambianco (Conad)

National Category Manager

Speaker - Francesco Scarcelli (Coop Italia)
Francesco Scarcelli (Coop Italia)

Responsabile Reparto Beverage

Speaker - Flavio Bellotti (Gruppo Selex)
Flavio Bellotti (Gruppo Selex)

Responsabile category vino

Speaker - Marco Usai (MD)
Marco Usai (MD)

Wine Specialist


Puccini - Centroservizi Hall 6-7 Floor +1
Puccini - Centroservizi Hall 6-7 Floor +1


Organizer - Vinitaly


Partner - Circana