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Vinitaly • Respighi - Palaexpo Floor +1

Tuesday, 4 April 2023 10:00 13:00 (CEST)

Training in viticulture: The role of Foragri and the challenge of new training needs


As part of Vinitaly, FORAGRI organizes a meeting entitled "Training in viticulture: The role of Foragri and the challenge of new training needs". This meeting aims to spread knowledge of Foragri within an international trade fair context, a magnet for tens of thousands of companies in the wine sector.

At the center of the meeting will be the role that Foragri plays in the context of financing and accompanying agricultural enterprises in their training projects. The challenge of new training needs in viticulture will also be discussed.

For this purpose, after the introduction by the President, three entrepreneurs who have already used Foragri's services will speak directly. From their direct testimony, the practical experience of corporate training in the wine sector will thus emerge.

Later, with Denis Pantini of Nomisma, the changes taking place on the wine market and the new strategic approaches that they require from companies will be explored. The report by INAPP will instead focus on the training needs that will emerge as a result of these challenges and trends facing the wine market.

The final round table, with the participation of Onofrio Rota (Fai Cisl), Gabriele Canali (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart) and Tiziano Brone (Veneto Lavoro) will draw the conclusions of the meeting focusing on the key role that has been played so far by Foragri and which can be carried out in the future to improve the competitiveness of the agricultural labor market.

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Respighi - Palaexpo Floor +1
Respighi - Palaexpo Floor +1