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Vinitaly • Wine2digital - Palaexpo, entrance A2 (level +1)

Sunday, 2 April 2023 13:30 14:30 (CEST)

VIA advanced seminar – How to tell the story of Italian Wine: Italian Wine Unplugged 2.0


In this advanced seminar, Professor Attilio Scienza will address the theme of how to tell the story of Italian wine, drawing from his latest work, Italian Wine Unplugged 2.0. The new edition of the book, originally published in 2017, delves into the most fascinating aspects of the history, geology and science underlying the modern culture of Italian wine.

The Professor has also added substantial new findings to the book from his own research on the origins of Italian grapes and their DNA, offering readers of Italian Wine Unplugged 2.0 the opportunity to combine the study of Italian grapes with access to never-before-seen material developed by one of the leading academic exponents of the study of Italian wine.



Event languages: Italiano, English

How to participate: event open to the public in possession of a Vinitaly ticket, upon registration on this event page.


Speaker - Attilio Scienza
Attilio Scienza

Attilio Scienza is Professor at the University of Milan and President of the National Wine Committee. He is the author of over 350 publications including 23 books on Italian wine. He is Scientific Director of the Vinitaly International Academy.


Wine2digital - Palaexpo, entrance A2 (level +1)
Wine2digital - Palaexpo, entrance A2 (level +1)