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Thursday, 17 March 2022 17:00 18:00 (CET)



New presentation format for Vinitaly 2022 involving 25 participants including journalists, importers and bloggers from all over Germany. Guests will be guided through a virtual tasting with the specific theme of rosé wines provided by the Italian Native Rose Wine Consortium representing the Italian style from north to south of the country: three rose wines - Chiaretto, Cerasuolo and Rosato - and two sparkling rose wines from the Veneto Region, confirming the expertise in this part of Italy as regards "bubbles".  The event is organized in collaboration with the Connect-Grape Alliance portal, the German platform that creates opportunities for a virtuous network by targeting professionals in the wine market, including importers, and consumers. 

The guided tasting will be conducted by German journalist Jens Priewe, an authoritative voice for Italian wines in Germany. Gianni Bruno, Vinitaly Exhibition Manager, will present the event.


The event will be live streamed in this page.

Event languages: English, Deutsch

How to participate: Public Free Event

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