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Monday, 13 November 2023 11:15 12:00 (CET)

Why you should clone your marketing manager. Five actions to reorganize the department in the company


Posting on social, maintaining press relations, organizing visits, updating the website, coordinating graphics. Caught up in a thousand commitments, the marketing manager often forgets the most important thing: having a strategic brand vision. In the last 15 years, communication - in general, not just wine communication - has experienced an explosion in the number of channels. Different social media have appeared (in the beginning it was Facebook…), blogs, portals, and platforms have proliferated. Youtubers and influencers have flourished. Guides, sommelier associations, competitions, and fairs have divided and multiplied. But the old media have not died out. On the contrary, they have been enhanced. Today, a journalist receives many more press releases and invitations to events than he did just five years ago. This whole rush has produced one result: there is no more time to think. There is no longer the energy to inject creativity into the work and differentiate one’s communication from that of competitors. To overcome the impasse, we have to go back to the fundamentals and start over: understand our brand positioning, define competitors, identify and know our audience. Only a good strategic foundation allows creativity to fly high and implement original, attractive, memorable, but always consistent actions. Even with small budgets.This session will examine how the marketing manager of a winery (large, medium, or small) can structure an original and effective strategy through five simple moves. Without resorting to cloning.

Event languages: Italiano, English

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Speaker - Michele Bertuzzo
Michele Bertuzzo
Michele Bertuzzo was born in Valdagno (Vicenza) in 1974. He was raised in the family wine shop, and he graduated in Communication Sciences in Bologna in 1999, having as teachers – among others – Umberto Eco and Romano Prodi. Michele is an AIS Sommelier and a publicist journalist. He worked for a few years in TV, radio, and local newspapers specializing in food and wine culture and the typicality of Italian territories. In 2007 he founded the Studio Cru communication agency, of which he is now CEO and co-owner. The agency is organized in four sectors: Branding, Press Office & PR Italy, Press Office & International PR, Digital Marketing. Studio Cru has about 50 clients, almost all of them in the wine business, ranging from small boutique wineries to established brands to Consorzi di Tutela. Working alongside him in the agency today are 19 communication professionals.


Sala WineAround - Palaexpo Piano -1
Sala WineAround - Palaexpo Piano -1