lunedì, 6 marzo 2023 12:00 13:00 (CET)

MicroMegaWines talks 2023: episode 3


The third of the Talks dedicated to Micro Mega Wines. Ian D'Agata introduces the producers participating in the second edition of the highest quality small production area, a unicum in the international panorama of wine fairs.

The protagonists of the talk:

  • Tasi,a young and innovative estate the believes in making wines that boast minimal intervention winemaking.
  • Tamburino Sardo, located in the highest part of Custoza denomination, one of the Italy’s prettiest wine destinations, known for delicious crisp, easygoing whites wines, fresh and lively!
  • Najma Prosecco, with over 200 years history in wine, in 2016 Elisabetta Chicchellero decided to begin a small production of Prosecco for foreign markets.
  • Tenuta Pradase – Valdo is a jewel and shoìwcases marvelously well the greatness tht is Prosecco. Congratulations are in order.
  • Colle Manora: a very impressive family background in both high fashion and sports cars. Giorgio Schön is a former racecar driver and his mother was Mila Schön. Led by Giorgio and Marina Orlandi Contucci, the estate grows great vines of Piedmont Region.

These and other niche wineries of unquestionable quality are waiting for you at Vinitaly from April 2nd to 5th 2023 in Hall H.

Never stop wondering about this incredible Italian wine!

Lingue evento: English

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